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My NetFPGA OEEE Router-1

In this post of my blog I will share and introduce with you my first boot of NetFPGA, open platform network hardware development board. I bought my board from Beti Bilisim Ltd. Sti. (Elektrovadi – www.elektrovadi.com) Mr. Emrah Issever nearly one month ago. There is no problem on the board. I started to develop my own vhdl codes with Xilinx ISE 14.6 version Design Suite. This year 2015 I will try to get my own router running with openflow 1.x protocol. Let us see this progress.

Here I have some photos and a short video and my best drink black tea about my first boot with NetFPGA-1G-CML board.




Let’s have an Open Platform too !!!

Note: I heard from Mr. Emrah Issever yesterday 05 January 2015, so we lost Mrs. Zeynep KOKSAL. She was an important entrepreneur in Turkey’s embedded education market and also she was very helpful on my projects. I thank her for her kindly regardings.

Also again and again special thanks to my wife Aysegul Kiraba Gol for her valuable efforts on me and for this time NetFPGA board.

Written by: Kursat Gol

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